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Wireless Network Connection

Technology is not ideal, especially when it comes to networks with an infinite number of different devices connected to it. It’s easy to blame your ISP for your network problems, but in many cases, you can solve network problems by recycling your network devices.

When to Power Cycle

When your networked devices do not work just the way they should, it might be a good chance to see if power biking has been saved. Some common signs that indicate the time for a power cycle include the following:

Netflix, or other broadcast services, does not download content.
Web pages are not downloaded or uploaded in a responsible manner.
Smart home appliances work strangely or do not respond.
Your phones or other wireless devices are no longer connected to a WiFi network.
Suddenly the printer no longer prints.

How to Power Cycle

Step 1 – Turn off computers or any wired network devices.

When printers work, it is helpful to disconnect the printer from running at this time.

Step 2 – Disconnect both the router and the modem.

Step 3 – Wait 10 seconds.

Step 4 – Plug in the modem.

Step 5 – Wait 10 seconds.

Step 6 – Plug in the router.

Step 7 – Wait 3 minutes.

Step 8 – Turn on the computers and other network devices and check the connection.

Wireless Network Connection and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

Q: My computer always arrived on my wireless network until recently. Now it says it’s connected but I can not When I try to go to websites, I get a message that the page can not be found. How do I solve this problem?
a. There are some different variables that can cause this. I would like to start by looking at the indicator lights on the modem to see if they look like they normally are. Are all lights green and usually? Are the lights solid if they are usually in the past? Note that this information is before you continue to use power for the modem and router. Disconnect the modem and the router both, but when plugged in again, just connect the modem first. Wait until all the lights have settled – in some cases, this may take from 5 to 7 minutes, so be patient. After the lights settle into a normal pattern, continue and connect the router. Give the router a few minutes to establish its connection. With the storms we have seen recently, it is common for a modem and router to break out of sync when there is a power outage or interruption of any kind. The best way to restore them on the same page is to follow a complete power cycle for both devices. Your computer may be installed on the wireless signal in your home is fine, but if the router does not get the Internet signal from your modem, you will not have any Internet to present your computer and get the phenomena where the computer says it is connected, but You are still unable to browse. The tap is on, but simply nothing comes out. If cycling does not solve the problem, the next step is to contact your ISP to see if there is a break in the area and make sure that their network “can” see your modem. Fortunately, sometimes, a full power cycle can solve the problem you described.

Q: I upgraded to Windows 10 and can not find Internet Explorer. Has it been eliminated?
Microsoft Windows 10 was launched with a completely new browser called Edge. Edge replaces Internet Explorer as the system default browser. It is a completely different symbol – and it deserves to be given a chance. Note that the address bar does not appear clearly until you move the cursor up where one expects to find it – towards the top of the window. You can then type in the direct address or URL you want to go to or you can perform a search directly from the address bar by entering your search string. Of course Bing is the default search engine. The other odd is that there is no option to add a home page by default, but you can enable this option and set a home page of your choice. However, if you can not adapt or, most likely, do not support your banking and other sites Edge You can still use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer comes with Windows 10 and you can set it to your default browser. You may need to install its tiles in the start screen after making the change to find it more easily in the future. All I’m saying is, give the edge an opportunity.


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